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Pedro Mendes

Date: 2015 - 01-18

"We went with the family and everyone loved it! We were lucky because it was a great time and it was great to rest and walk with the children! We were very well received!"

Sara Norton

Date: 2014 -12 -08

" House full of charm and history! We were very well received and we were able to try the various wines produced there in a fantastic wine tasting accompanied by regional cheeses   . "

Sónia Almeida Morais

Date: 2014 -02 -28

" Excellent tasting of vins, even more on the sweet side. On a pass through an unforgettable morning at the end of the day. Service and impeccable service. Absolument à faire!   . "

Gustavo Reis

Date: 2015 -02 -17

"As an accommodation, one of the most incredible places I've ever been."

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