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João de Sande de Sacadura Botte died in July 1888 and was the eighth grandson of Miguel de Sacadura Albarado, administrator of the bonds established in Ciudad Rodrigo by Hernan Botte Pacheco, of whom he was the sixth grandson.

He also managed the royal patronage of Legas, in Spain, Senhor do Term da Silva, third Morgado da Aguieira, who was the most enlightened vitiviniculturist of his time, his wines having made a name for the Dão region, as mentioned in the work of the winemakers of the time .

João Sacadura Botte Côrte Real

João sacadura Botte

Quinta da Bica has been in the family since the 17th century. Currently and after the inheritance by João Sacadura Botte Quinta is owned by “Quinta da Bica - Sociedade Agrícola Lda” dedicated to the production and bottling of wine under the Quinta da Bica ® brand, a work started by João Sacadura Botte and continued by your family.

Recognized nationally and internationally for its quality and prestige, wine production began in 1989 at the hands of João Sacadura Botte with oenology by Prof. Virgílio Loureiro. In 1992/1993 it was a year of transition and the oenology changes hands for Mestre Magalhães Coelho.

Currently the Quinta's destinations are managed by the family matriarch, Filipa Sacadura Botte with the precious help of her daughters Joana, Marta, Matilde and Madalena.

In 2003 Eng. Paulo Nunes becomes the Winemaker at Quinta da Bica, where he has applied all his know-how until today.

The focus on quality and the constant concern with improving not only the product but also the image are intrinsic characteristics of Quinta da Bica ® wines.

João Sacadura Botte

Enólogo Paulo Nunes

Marta, Joana, Matilde and Madalena

Madalena and Filipa near the Fonte da Bica

Winemaker Engª Paulo Nunes

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